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Why Do Musicians Love Mapleshade Products?
I’ve used the Mapleshade GoldFinger on stringed instruments ranging from ukulele to double bass, including acoustic, acoustic electric and solid body electric guitars. The GoldFinger consistently increases sustain and adds depth and richness to tonal quality across the board.
— D.P.
Professor Peyton’s Miracle Elixir is the best cleaner I’ve ever used. Not only does it leave a great shine on my guitars, it cleans my fretboards better than any product I’ve tried. Thank you Professor Don!
— Mark A. Severna Park MD.
The incredible quality of the SureTone Cable has changed the relationship that I have with clean electric guitar tone. I’ve played guitar for nearly two decades, and have often relied on effects to augment my clean tone-reverb delay, light gain, etc. The clarity of this cable has caused me to fall in love with the pure, unaltered sound of my guitar. Of course, it sounds fantastic with effects as well. In particular, I’ve noticed that when I add distortion, the low end of my guitar is crisper and less “muddy”. I’d highly recommend this cable to any guitarist who wishes to hear the true sound of their instrument.
— Nash P.
Last time my P bass and Strat went in for set up, I got them back and was amazed by the finish—on both instruments. Turns out, the last step in the set-up was a complete cleaning and polishing of them both with Professor Peyton’s Miracle Elixir. This miraculous finish was applied to wood, metal, plastics, fingerboard…everything. And the result was gorgeous. The fretboards played more smoothly, the metal parts were shiny and very clean, and the pick guards refreshed. I highly recommend this product for exceptional, perhaps even magical, instrument self-care.
— Bob Gray
Professor Peyton’s Elixir is the only thing I need to clean and care for my instruments. It performs magic on all parts. I can’t recommend it more highly. It’s truly the best there is!
—Glenn B.