About Mapleshade Music & Studio Gear

Mapleshade Music & Studio Gear is a company dedicated exclusively to designing and offering radically innovative upgrades that make musical instruments sound better and play better, ranging from guitars and all other strings to keyboards and drums.

Our design, development and test team have been together for five years, designing, experimenting and testing remarkable instrument upgrades—the team consists of audio and recording engineers, master luthiers, guitar collectors maniacal about good tone, and working musicians: guitarists, pianists and drummers.

Our new upgrade products, concepts and designs build on pioneering innovations in vibration control and audio wire design by our passionate team of musicians, engineers and associates at MMSG.

About Mapleshade Music and Studio Gear

We rely heavily on cutting edge engineering and physics theory as supporting aids in innovating and refining first rate upgrades, but never as criteria for picking useful products to offer. We have a simple principle: if a new idea sounds and plays great but defies engineering theory, we go with it. If the idea makes all kinds of engineering sense but we can’t hear or feel much difference, we dump it. In other words, all of our design and development progress is ultimately shaped and ruled by the musician’s ear and touch, not by lab measurements based on engineering theories that may or may not work.

In addition to the current MMSG line of products, we are engineering a wide spectrum of radically new upgrades that have already received rave reviews from musicians who’ve tested the prototypes. They love our products so much they won’t give them back! These include vibration-draining feet for pianos, tensioning rods for drums, lap rests for guitars, endpins for cellos and basses, cymbal stand interfaces for cymbals, super-rigid stands for electric keyboards and vibration control feet for electric guitar amps and speaker cabinets.